New Personal Training Clients - First Meeting

New Personal Training Clients - First Meeting

I have been in the fitness business for a long time and there is one very important thing I have learned. Not all Personal Trainers fit the needs of every client that walks through the gym door. More times than not I see a new client meet with the personal trainer for the first time and immediately start working out. I am glad to see people are ready to get moving forward on their exercise program but do they even know their trainer? Does the trainer even know anything about the client? Medical considerations? Limitations? Goals? Prior exercise regimens?

The reason I bring this up is I like to do things a little differently than the industry standard. I like to talk to a new client via email, phone and of course, in person is even better. It is nice to get the general introductions out of the way and get a feel of the clients personality and in turn they know what to expect from me IF they choose me as a trainer and IF I feel I am right for them. No, I do not accept every person that calls for training. I don't feel that I would be the best trainer for their particular needs.

On our first official meeting we will sit down and fill out an Informed Consent which outlines what to expect from your exercise program, risks involved in physical activity, your personal information confidentiality and use of Information. Second we will go over the Medical Questionnaire, this form will help me get a better understanding of what the best course of action will be for your exercise program and if there are any limiting factors we need to address with your physician before we get started in order to keep you safe. And third you will look over the Training Agreement which outlines what you should expect from me as your trainer and what I will expect from you so you are successful in your exercise program. The last step if there is time we will go through a few exercises and I will show you how the cardio equipment works for your warm ups and use.

For our first meeting there is no cost at all and please be ready to spend about an hour with me. Workout clothing is optional but more comfortable during this first session. We will schedule your next few sessions to get you started on a road to a healthy and fit new you.

I want to make sure that the time you spend with me as your Personal Trainer is productive and just as important, that you feel safe and comfortable.

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