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If you have read this far you have taken a bold step toward achieving your maximum potential as far as your health and well being goes. No more wasted time in the gym wondering if you are really doing yourself any benefit or not. Allow me to build an exercise program that takes your age, weight, body fat percentage, fitness level, health risks and YOUR goals into consideration. Allow me to keep you on the right track so we both succeed. Because if YOU don't succeed either do I.

If you are serious about getting into your best physical condition, I am ready to help you achieve your goals. Training with me will not be a "play day". I am serious about exercise and I will hold you accountable for your diet and cardio regimen as well as pushing you to your limits.

Before I will work with any client I require the following three forms:

Informed Consent

Which outlines what to expect from your exercise program, risks involved in physical activity and your personal information confidentiality and use of Information.

Medical Questionnaire

This form will help me get a better idea of what the best course of action will be for your exercise program and if there are any limiting factors we need to address with your physician before we get started to keep you safe.

Training Agreement

The training agreement outlines what you should expect from me as your trainer and what I will expect from you so you are successful in your exercise program.

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I offer personal training at my private studio: 5127 N Portland Ave, Oklahoma City

Contact Me Here and let's start by discussing your goals and current fitness considerations.