Spend Less Time In The Gym

Spend Less Time In The Gym

The most expensive non-renewable resource on this earth is time. Time cannot be saved. Time cannot be directly purchased. We can’t trade time with our friends and we can’t produce more of it. But, we can use the time we have more efficiently. We are all busy, and we all have more things to do then we have time to do it in. This is why we have seen the invention of cell phones, computers, fast cars, and George Foreman grills. These are all tools that help us use time more efficiently. In the gym, these tools are useless. However, there are a few things you can do differently in the gym to make your workouts more productive and allow you to spend less time working out!

The first step in having a more efficient workout is having a plan. Have you ever tried to put something together without looking at the directions? It didn’t go to smoothly did it? It’s the same way with fitness. For years, I have watched many people train hard in the gym, yet they see minimal results for their effort. Why? Because they did not have a plan! Don’t find yourself in that same position. Get a fitness plan and stick with it!

The second step is to better utilize your time in the gym. Say you are in the gym for one hour. You can choose to train hard for that hour or you can choose to train leisurely for that hour. Either way it’s still an hour… so you might as well get something out of it. Two ways to help you get more out of that hour are to reduce your rest between sets, and cut out the talk. You will be pleasantly surprised how much time you have left over if you make these two changes. Plus, you will love the added intensity and RESULTS you will get out of that hour!

The third step is to attain more value from each exercise. Rather than just going through the motions in your cardio or weight training workout, put some heart and focus into each movement. For example, instead of walking on the treadmill at a speed of 3, kick it up to 4 and add some incline. Then reward yourself by cutting five minutes off your total exercise time. The end result is a more intense workout and an extra 5 minutes to hit your abs!

The fourth step towards having a more efficient workout occurs outside the gym. This step involves what you eat after you workout and how much rest you get that evening. Back to the people I see in the gym who never see results. Although they are training hard, and usually for several hours, they are missing a big part of the puzzle: Nutrition and recovery. It’s like having a tripod with only one leg. It won’t stand. Nutritional consumption and allowing for proper rest and recuperation is just as important as the workout itself.

Let’s review. First, you have to have a plan of attack if you want to win the battle. Second, put your time in the gym to good use. Get in, get it done, and get out. Third, perform each exercise intensely. Don’t waste your time just going through the motions. Finally, consume quality foods after and between workouts and give yourself enough time to recover. Now, turn your motivation dial to high and start your program.

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