Money Back Guarantee Weight Loss Offers

Money Back Guarantee Weight Loss Offers - Don't Be Fooled.

After the first of every year we are all bombarded with ads for weight loss products, fat loss pills and people saying "they" have the secret to making you look great in 30 days or less GUARANTEED!!. Every time I see one of these ads, I wonder who really believes them but it is a billion dollar industry so someone is spending the money in the hopes of a quick fix.

I like to read articles about the latest and greatest product to hit the market. After about 6 months I like to look at those same products again to see if they are even still around. Lately, I have been seeing personal trainers making boastful claims stating if you train with them they will guarantee you will lose X dress sizes and lose X amount of fat etc., in the next 30 days. I even saw a recent ad that added "NO MATTER WHAT" to their guarantee. Now I was curious about exactly what this meant so I emailed this person to find out more. I told them I was interested in their services but I really did not want to change my diet because I just love ice cream (actually I really do). I also said I hated the treadmill so would their program work for me since it said No Matter What. The reply was actually rather rude as he said "Let's be serious here, you know you have to follow my diet plan and you must run at least 4 days per week along with resistance training with me at least 3 days per week." He also added in his reply, "if you want to continue being fat you can eat your ice cream but if you want to be sexy you will train with me". WOW!! If I want to be sexy? If I want to continue being fat? I would be surprised if this person had any clients as it seems he thinks very highly of himself. Now I did not want to push this, so I did not bother replying to ask what part of his guarantee was "no matter what".

I get asked the same few questions from potential clients often; 1. How long before I lose X amount of weight, 2. What am I going to have to do to lose weight? 3. Am I going to have to continue to be trained forever? Now on the surface most people already know the answers to these questions but many hope to hear something like it will be easy, cheap and quick. I am very straight forward with my clients and I tell them that it is up to them how long it will take to lose the weight, if they really follow the dietary guidelines I set forth, if they do their cardio exercise like I prescribe and if they give 100% in each and every session with me they truly can see changes in 2-3 weeks. Are these changes going to be drastic? Probably not, but when you get dressed you will feel the difference that quickly. Your success is not up to your trainer, it is up to you to make sure you work hard and follow the plan. As far as how long do you have to train with me that is 100% up to you. I have had clients go for 2-3 weeks to get started on using equipment and learn the exercises and head off and work by themselves and I have had clients that will probably train with me forever.

To sum this all up in one sentence; You have the power to make changes to your health and appearance but it is solely up to you to make sure you are doing whatever it takes to make the end result successful.

I wish you all the best of luck in your new journey into a more healthy lifestyle.

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