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Tips for Balancing Fitness and Self-Care in an On-the-Go Lifestyle

Most of us are on the go these days. Let's face it, "I'm busy," is a modern American mantra. However, if you find you're staying too busy to engage in a self-care plan that includes fitness, you may want to try embracing some smart workout strategies.

What counts as self-care? Because the term is thrown around a lot lately, many people are confused about self-care. Self-care isn't a one-time action or something you do now and then, like indulging in a favorite drink or getting a pedicure. Self-care is a lifestyle. As explained by North Carolina State University, self-care is about participating in behaviors that help you maintain a positive outlook on life, support your overall well-being, and encourage your personal growth. There are three basic aspects in a balanced self-care plan: physical health, spiritual health, and mental health. Physical health requires exercise, healthy eating, sleeping enough, and getting proper medical care. Spiritual health involves activities such as prayer or meditation. Mental health requires spending time with loved ones, enjoying hobbies, and keeping an appropriate perspective in life. 

Why fitness matters. Tending to your physical wellness is a vital component in a balanced self-care plan. Without a fitness routine, as some experts point out, your body's health will decline, and you will be at risk for medical problems. What's more, fitness supports the other aspects of self-care, reducing your risk of anxiety and depression and giving you the energy to participate in activities and socialize. 

Making time. Squeezing a workout into an already-busy schedule may seem impossible, but you can do it! Becoming more active is the key, so don't overthink it. Simply setting aside time can lead to success. Try taking a hard look at your schedule and carving out time here and there. As Plexus explains, "After establishing how much extra time you have in a day, pick a few days and times of the week that appear best to you and enter it as an appointment on your schedule as a repeating appointment." After a few weeks of this routine, you'll start to see your workout time as equally important as your work time, which means making time for it will be a no-brainer.

Work out where you are. Even with great planning and terrific intentions, days may come along when your schedule is too jam-packed for your normal exercise plan, or when weather is so disagreeable it keeps you inside. You can get your workout in almost anywhere if you think outside the box. In fact chair exercises can be done at your desk or in front of your favorite show just using a basic chair. Be creative and stay on track!

Maintain motivation. Let's face it, many people start out exercise programs with great goals, but after a short time, ambitions often wane. How do you stay on track? Sometimes the simplest tricks can make a world of difference in your workout. Consider adding some upbeat music or do your routine in front of the television. One idea is to focus on activities you enjoy and tailor your program to your mood. For instance, if your day has you feeling amped up, do some strength training. If you feel like chilling out, do some stretching and yoga. Some people get a boost by competing with friends or just having a buddy to share workouts. If accountability helps you stay on track, try hiring a personal trainer or wearing a fitness tracker. Does losing money make you sweat? Invest in a nonrefundable gym membership or class. Do you get bored? Change up your routine. Take a dance class, hike with your dog, or shoot some hoops. Your workout regimen, and self-care in general, is highly personal. Think through what motivates you and look for ways to keep your energy flowing. 

Balanced and on the go. No matter how busy you are, you can keep fitness balanced with your overall self-care plan. Make time, create opportunities, and find proper motivation. Thoughtful strategies are the key!

Article By: Sheila Olson


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